"Good people make a great business and great people create an Outperforming Business."

Have you noticed how some organisations do better by every measure?

How they can offer great products or services, inspire fantastic loyalty from staff and customers and deliver impressive results?

At Investors in People, we call these organisations the Outperformers. The new Investors in People framework is designed to focus on guiding organisations to be Outperformers.  

The Outperformance Hub is the advisory arm of Investors in People NZ. Your Outperformance journey begins by using the international Investors in People quality standard to drive business performance to outperformance through leading, supporting and improving. 

Our focus is to improve business performance, working with clients to understand what outperformance looks like and what needs to be done to create an outperforming culture. We guide you towards accreditation to the international Investors in People Standard through assessment, coaching and ongoing reviews which will ultimately lead you to Investors in People Accreditation. 

Successful accreditation is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear committment to sustainability. 14000 organisations in 75 countries can't be wrong!



For more information on our programmes or our upcoming workshop contact: karen@iipnz.co.nz